SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking by is the UK’s market leading SIP solution connecting your PBX directly into the heart of’s network. We connect your inbound and outbound voice calls to the public telephone network but the service offers more than just simple telephone calls. provides a highly flexible alternative to ISDN solutions and is designed to work successfully with all leading IP PBX brands in the UK.

APPLICATION’s SIP Trunking connects your PBX to our network enabling full PSTN breakout. The connection from your site (or sites) to’s network is via an IP connection such as a broadband or Ethernet leased line. In addition  our voice dedicated IP access circuits deliver an end-to-end service with an availability guarantee, voice channel guarantees and voice quality of service assurances. Connections to our network can be made from many devices including  IPPBX, PBX via a converting gateway, SIP Soft phones, SIP hardware phones – Mobile devices and basic analogue telephone adapters.

TRUST has profound technical understanding and practical experience of how IP telephony systems best function in the real world.
Operating since 2004 our enhanced SIP Trunking service has been designed from the ground up to be the perfect SIP Enabler for IP telephony systems. Our engineering team consider operational availability, scalability,
quality and excellence to be of paramount importance and their involvement in the industry development community ensures ongoing multi-vendor interoperability.


Save Money: IP connectivity costs less than ISDN with low call costs and lower line rentals. Multi site ‘on-net’ calls are free and the number of lines can be rationalised.

  • Numbering: We’re much more flexible in terms of which telephone numbers you can have and where you can have them. Imagine having a London number routed straight through to your Edinburgh office!
  • Number porting: supports number porting so don’t lose your number when moving office.
  • Business Continuity and Flexibility: When offices need to be temporarily relocated in an emergency this can quickly and effectively be achieved with’s rapid SIP Trunk deployment.
  • Resilience: SIP Trunking delivers inexpensive and often instantaneous call forwarding solutions during a disaster or emergency to keep your business running.
  • Advanced: All SIP Trunks and accounts from feature call divert (including endpoint unavailable diversion), t.38 fax support, DDI management, call forking (calling multiple endpoints simultaneously) and many more features.
  • Enhanced inbound: Flexible call routing with % basedweighting and time based inbound call routing decisions
  • Voicemail: Basic voicemail is included.
  • Call authentication: Calls are protected with usernameand password.

Find out more has profound technical understanding and practical experience of how IP telephony systems best function in the real world. We are impartial in our advice and will happily answer your queries.

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